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Leaves of Painted Glass Fear No Breaking

I Seeing the Sky I See You

In the Glow of the Golden Dawn I See You

Astonishing Wonder Thrills of the New World

The Face of Mankind Haunts My Dreams

Walking In the Wake of Trouble Wets My Shoes

Soon the Forces of Gravity Will Make Themselves Known To All

Says the Fiend Atop the Rock, "Yo man, watch the drop!

Papa Says, "Mind Your Silence.

Baby, Bring Me Water. Baby Bring it Now.

Look Into My Eyes and See Your Future

Deep Water 16

Hi-Flyer 21

The Magic House 9

I Feared My Face Would Be Lost In the Crowd So I Shared My Mind With The World

Five Faces


Temptataion Was too Great. So the Woman Said to the Man, "See You Tomorrow

American Girl 17

Subdivisions 17

The Space Age 8

Because the Queen Says So

As a Testament to My Love Here is a Camera

Reminders Remain I Will Remember You

Numbers Think

Not One For Shoes Just Feet

Demanding Promises of Strangers is a Dangerous Game

Moxie. I Tell You, She's Got Moxie

My Glance Was Askance So Sideways Was Upways

Drop the Top. Let's Go For a Ride

Seeing the Water Rise Above Her Knees She Finally Believed The Trees

I Have Glass Under My Skin Let Me In

Dread Naught One

Dread Naught 2

Radiant Energy

The Devil Stole My Necktie

Sixth Century Seventh Night

Gotta Keep My Chops Hot

Dig Faster, Dig Harder, Dig Deeper, Dig Smarter

We'll Let the Rug Cut Away These Blues

Ride Free

Fear, Frenzy, Fight


My Mask is My True Face


Say it Again But With More Passion

Taylor Taller

Angry is Not the Way I want To Be With You

You Have Written Your Story Upon My Skin But I Fear I Cannot Read It

Give Me the Grusome News Not In Ones But In Twos

Mary Magdelena

Saint Bridgid

Lips 1

Lips 2

Retro Futurist Mecahnical Man

Retro Futurist Nuclear Alert

The Restraints Are Justified

Your Face Seems Foreign to Me