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Here is one of my prints. The name is pretty obvious. It’s colored in Photoshop and is 10×15 inches.

This is one of my small acrylic paintings. It’s 8×10 inches and painted on stretched canvas.

Here is a charcoal drawing that I made a while ago. I haven’t used charcoal very much since my student days but I revisited it for a couple of drawings. Charcoal can be dark and scary.

This is one of my series of comic book covers to comics that don’t exist. It’s ink on 11″x17″ paper.

This is a page from one of my Inkbooks (number 11 page 34). That’s where my images that I use in my paintings, drawings, and prints come from. It all starts with me drawing little drawing in ink just seeing what I can get out of my head.

This is one of my modified photos.

“By the Road” Acrylic on Canvas 46″x28″ This is the first large acrylic painting that I was working on last month.