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As an artist I’m not particularly skilled at likenesses. What’s a likeness you ask? That’s when an artist draws a specific person so it looks like that person. If someone draws a picture of John Wayne it is immediately recognizable as John Wayne. That’s a skill that artists posses in varying degrees. Some have a […]

I finally stared watching movies again. Why did I stop watching movies? I’m not exactly sure but the short explanation is that they got too long for me. Or that I lost the patience to sit still that long. It’s really not about the movies it’s about me. I can’t sit down and concentrate on […]

A strange thought struck me this week. I have read a lot of comic books. Being that I’m a comic book collector that doesn’t seem like such a strange thought but it really is. When I say I’ve read a lot of comics what I mean is that you’d have to work hard to find […]

I was a Marvel Comics kid. From the mid 1970s until the early 1980s I was all about the Marvel super heroes. In the early 1980s when George Perez started drawing the New Teen Titans I finally had a DC comic book that I liked too. But in the end I liked indie comics better. […]

I’ve drawn a bunch of ink cards over the last few days. They are baseball card size (2.5×3.5 inch cards) drawings that I make spontaneously with ink and a brush. I made twenty four of them over three days and over the last three years I’ve made over three hundred ink cards. The odd thing […]

As a comic book reader I’m always thinking to myself “I should sit down and reread those comics.” But then there never seems to be the time. After all I go to the comic book store every week and buy new comics. I read five or six new comics a week and usually I read […]

I have a lot of working drawings done on a specific odd sized paper. What is a working drawing you ask? A working drawing is any drawing that an artist makes in support of a finished piece of art. The drawing itself isn’t a finished piece of art but it helps the artist to get […]

Stuff piles up. That’s the way life is. Things get cluttered here in my studio and that means I have to inject some order into the chaos. It always happens. I make new stuff and it has to go somewhere. It usually hangs around for months at first but then it all gets to be […]

Tinged with nostalgia. That’s what the glasses I’m looking through are. I say that because I decided to pull out some old artwork to write about and I picked some painted comic book pages that I made sometime in the mid 1990s. I really wish I had dated stuff back then but I didn’t. These […]

It’s a lot of work to look through photos. Especially if I’m looking through photos for ones I want to work with. To make into something. To create something out of. In these digital days it’s actually easier to look through photos than in the non-digital days but digital also means it’s a lot easier […]