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Sometimes I can’t finish things. Luckily for me that’s not too often but this week was the week for it and I found that frustrating. It was all about me wanting to make a large piece but not being able to. I haven’t made any of my 20 by 28 inch ink drawings in a […]

Physical effort. Some things take more physical then I think they will. They fool me every time. Maybe not every time. After all it’s why I put off this particular task. Wrapping paintings in plastic to keep the dust off them. That’s not something a successful artist who sells painting has to worry about but […]

Time, distance, and nostalgia sure can change things. It can certainly change how a photograph is viewed. In general photography, in the documentary sense, freezes its subject in a specific time and place. Especially when the photo is about a place. In the human-made world things change all the time. Buildings go up and get […]

It’s been a long time. That’s my theme for the week. The theme comes up because I dug something out of my digital files this week that I haven’t seen in a long time. Back in about 1998 my friends and I decided to self-publish our own comic. We put out four issues of an […]

I read an interesting graphic novel this week. It’s called “Alan’s War” by Emmanuel Guibert. It’s a French comic that was first printed in France in 2000 and then translated and printed in the U.S. back in 2008. It’s the story of an American G.I. Named Alan Cope who became friends with the younger Guibert […]

This last Fourth of July I did something I hadn’t done in a long time. I read a bunch of comics all in one day. Not a lot of different types of comics but a single series. I always think to myself “I want to go back and re-read that whole comic book series” but […]

I draw in layers. Most artists do. A thumbnail sketch becomes a pencil sketch, then a finished drawing, and then maybe an ink drawing. This can all happen on one piece of paper or on a few pieces of paper. One of the ways I do it is with tracing paper. Throw a piece of […]

Sometimes I have no idea what I’m doing. That’s just the way life is. Or maybe that’s just the way art is. I was trying to figure out what to make this week art-wise and I was at a loss. I had just finished up a bunch of my book projects and I was tired […]

What am I writing about today? How about a pointless trip to the art store. Since I’m a total art supply geek it wasn’t really a pointless trip but I didn’t go there for anything specific. It was more of a spur of the moment trip. A friend of mine needed some paper so I […]

This week I’ve finally finished everything for a project that I’ve been working on. It’s my first print-on-demand magazine style collection of some of my art. My Painted Lady and Swirl World pieces. Except I can’t seem to finish the written introduction. The digital books that I recently made were a mixture of art and […]