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When it comes to my comic book collecting I’m not much of a nostalgia person. I spent most of my late 1970s childhood reading Marvel comics, added in some DC Comics when George Perez starting drawing the Teen Titans in 1980, but then pretty much dropped out of buying mainstream superhero titles by the late […]

Over the years I’ve done all my own bicycle repairs. It’s not hard. All you need are tools and simple mechanical skills. Not everybody has mechanical skills but you don’t need very sophisticated ones for fixing or maintaining a bike. I’ve fixed and changed most bike parts: brakes, derailleurs, cables, gears, cranks, tires, tubes, and […]

Scanning and organizing photos and negatives is tedious business. It really is. I don’t know how many people have ever done much of it but I have. About a decade ago I scanned in all of my own negatives from about fifteen years worth of taking snapshots as I went through life. I don’t remember […]

I was working on a new photo today. One of my digital photo collages. It’s one where I work with someone else’s image and mix it in with some of my street photos. I’ve written recently about how I was looking on eBay for some old negatives for sale to use for such a purpose […]

One of the things that’s popped up in recent years in the word of comic book collecting is blank covers. They’re published that way on purpose so that a comic book collector can go to a comic con and get his or her favorite artist to do a sketch on the blank cover. It’s a […]

Time changes our habits. That’s what life is. One of my, and a lot of other people’s, habits is looking for things. Whatever things you happen to be interested in. Of course the biggest change in looking for things is the internet. That changed all of our habits. Search engines of all kinds have made […]

I’ve been thinking a bit lately about the things that collect in our lives. Not the things we collect, like comic books, DVDs, stamps, Beanie Babies, or whatever else you got, but the things we take along with us without giving them a lot of thought. The things that build up in closets and junk […]

I have a friend, a fellow artist and comic book fan, who likes to commission comic books artists to make drawings for him. Sometimes he likes them to reinterpret an existing comic book cover. That’s where I help him out. Since it’s in my skill set I help him by digitally recreating the logos, trade […]

One of the truisms I’ve discovered over the years that has to do with art is that numbers impress. If you show a person one drawing they might be impressed by it but if you show them twenty drawings, especially twenty drawings that share a theme, they’ll be much more impressed. It’s just the way […]

As an artist I’ve never been a big believer in waiting for inspiration. You’ll end up waiting for a train that rarely arrives. But sometimes it does pass through the station. Or at least something close to inspiration. Maybe it’s just a coincidence of events but either way a bit of preparation also helps. It […]