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Sometimes as I’m working I have no idea what I’m doing. I don’t mean that on a micro level. If I have a pen, pencil, marker, or paintbrush in my hand I know what I’m doing as I’m drawing or painting. It’s not the technique of how to do something that escapes me it’s the […]

“Dreams of Things” #35 is sitting on my easel right now. Not that I work on any of my faux covers on the easel, they all get done on my drawing board, but I put them up on my easel to look at them after I finish them. Sometimes in the middle of working on […]

A couple of times a year I like to write about the TV shows that I’m watching. I’m not much of a movie person anymore so almost all my video-based entertainment comes from TV shows. Generally my tastes run towards the odder shows but I also like a good situation comedy and a quirky detective […]

It’s not easy to get anything done. That’s the way the world is. It’s easier to get things done when you’re being paid to do them but even then it’s not always easy. I’ve known plenty of people who didn’t want to get anything done even at their jobs. It’s easier to do nothing. That’s […]

I’ve been dipping into a familiar well lately but the water I drew out of it wasn’t what the well usually holds. How is that for a colorful opening line? The well is one of my faux comic book covers. My “My True Face” series to be specific. I made a bunch of these covers […]

I’m doing it again this week. I’m going over to my shelf and pulling out a painting of mine that I made in the past in order to write a painting analysis. It’s been a while since I’ve done that and part of the reason I’m choosing to do that right now is nostalgia. I […]

I’ve been making a lot of logos lately. That’s because I’ve been making a lot of my “Covers to Comics That Don’t Exist”. I’ve been putting them up for sale on Ebay and though no one is buying them yet a bunch of people are looking at them. They are looking at them way more […]

It was just a short while ago I was writing about how I wasn’t interested in doing any more of my “Painted Lady” faux comic book cover series. I was bored of the process. That happens. Except that I recently finished a couple of ink drawings in that very series. How did that happen? I […]

Last week I wanted to make a drawing but was unsure of what I wanted to draw. Not an unusual situation. I had been working for a while on a lot of my “Dreams of Things” faux comic book covers and I wanted to take a break from them. All told over the last year […]

I’ve been doing quite a few of my “Dreams of Things” faux comic book covers lately. So much so I commented that I think I’ve been wanting to live in a dream world. It’s a joking comment but also has a little truth to it. When making dreamy images I have to inhabit the space […]