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Curse of the Tiger Women #1 on Ebay Once again this week I was trying to figure out what to do. I thought I might go back to some of my comic book sized ink drawings but I didn’t want to draw one of any of the already existing titles I had. I kind of […]

I don’t always succeed at the tasks I set myself. One of those tasks that has born little fruit has been to sell some of my art online. Another related task has been to find a way to make a video of my art that is somehow interesting and worth watching. There are venues online […]

I’ve been using my markers a lot lately. That and my ink and brushes. I go through periods when I like one medium more than another and keep using it for a little while before I switch off. Early in the summer I was doing a lot of my “Marked Women” drawings. Those take a […]

This week I was going to write a summer TV wrap up as I’ve done in the past but I don’t think I’ve been watching many new summer TV shows. It’s weird. I’ve seen a few new shows but I’ve also been re-watching some old ones. There are some shows that are evergreen with me […]

Today I decided to dip into a book of my old paintings, pull one out, and write about it. My book of old paintings is just a binder that I keep some small paintings in. The paintings are in sleeves with three binder holes in the side. The sleeves are really meant for photographs. The […]

Time can really slip past a person can’t it? That question came to mind this past Saturday as I decided that I wanted to reread some Cerebus. Cereus is a comic book by Dave Sim that ran from December 1977 to March 2004. It told Cerebus’s story for three hundred issues which were also collected […]

For something different I’m going to pull one of my ink books off the shelf, open it to a random page, and see what drawings I find there. That’s often how I start a new project. Since I have sixteen ink books finished, and the one from this year in progress, I have a lot […]

Sometimes I can’t finish things. Luckily for me that’s not too often but this week was the week for it and I found that frustrating. It was all about me wanting to make a large piece but not being able to. I haven’t made any of my 20 by 28 inch ink drawings in a […]

Physical effort. Some things take more physical then I think they will. They fool me every time. Maybe not every time. After all it’s why I put off this particular task. Wrapping paintings in plastic to keep the dust off them. That’s not something a successful artist who sells painting has to worry about but […]

Time, distance, and nostalgia sure can change things. It can certainly change how a photograph is viewed. In general photography, in the documentary sense, freezes its subject in a specific time and place. Especially when the photo is about a place. In the human-made world things change all the time. Buildings go up and get […]