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I’m just back from the comic shop again this week. Another slow week for me as I got no comic books at all. But my shop was having a 40% off sale on their trade paperbacks so I picked up a couple of $15 trades for $9. The first is “The Gray Area: All Of […]

I was an X-Files fan. But the X-Files was one of those shows that ended so badly that I forgot it used to be a good show. For the first time in a decade I am watching season one. It is entertaining me as I ride the boring stationary bike (a real bike ride is […]

Just back from the shop and this week I got: Strangers in Paradise #80, Local #4, Red Sonja #7, Jonah Hex #5, Ex Machina #18, and XIII #2. That last one is based on some old video game and looks like it was published in a different format originally. The first issue stared a guy […]

Well I tried. I worked up my sense of childish wonder and planned on going to my first comic con in about six or seven years. I had been getting e-mails from WizardWorld (though their name isn’t actually on the con) for about a month to buy advance tickets but I knew better than that. […]

I just got back from the shop and I got four new comics. Two regulars: Usagi Yojimbo #91, The Savage Dragon #123 and two first issues. I got issue #1 of the relaunch of the Warlord from DC. Bruce Jones is writing it which is good and Bart Sears is drawing it which isn’t as […]

Would Superman’s preference for women with the initials LL (Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Lori Lemaris) be considered a fetish? Does he go to websites dedicated to LL girls? Is he just not attracted to women without those initials? Does love at first sight exist for him or is it love at first learning her name? […]

There is something to be said about context when listening to pre-recorded music. The specific context being what that music is played on. I appreciate good sound equipment but I am not an audiophile. I’ve never had a really good stereo system; mine have usually been made from hand me downs and cannibalized parts of […]

The drought continues as I only got two comics this week. Conan #25 and Red Sonja #6. I fear these two may fall off in the coming months as Sonja #5 was pretty mediocre and Conan is losing its writer, Kurt Busiek, after two more issues. I need some recomendations for new comics.

I have an iPod just like everyone else. It is not a big fancy one but when I need music on the go it’s ready to rock ‘n roll. I also have my entire CD collection on my hard drive as mp3s. I almost exclusively listen to music played on my computer or iPod. I […]

Another slow week for me at the comic shop. I only bought one comic: Jonah Hex #4. I also picked up Back Issue magazine #7. That came out in Dec 2004 before bought it regularly. I, once again, recommend Back Issue magazine.