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Things that amuse me tonight. Barnett Newman the painter said, “More blue is bluer than less blue”. Of course it is. It is damn obvious too but no one ever verbalized it before him. If you want to increase the impact on the viewer of blue in a painting add more blue! How could everyone […]

Before people said, “That’s the greatest thing since sliced bread” what was the greatest thing? And has there really been nothing to replace sliced bread as the greatest thing? Ponder.

I just got back from the comic shop and I bought:Usagi Yojimbo #90 – I book I’ve been buying for over 20 years now and it’s stonger than ever. Amazes me with its consistent qualitySavage Dragon #122 – Solid super-hero stuff by a guy (Erik Larsen) who truly loves super-heroes.Local #3 – Good “slice of […]

Which super power would you rather have? The power to make flowers grow from couch cushions or the power to step in puddles without getting wet?

How come the number sign (#) is called a number sign everywhere except when it’s on a phone? Then it is called a pound sign (#). It’s the same symbol. The abbreviation for pounds is “lbs”. No one ever writes “He weighed 200 #s”. What is this all about? Ponder.

In my search for news and information I’m already tired of podcasts, audio and video. Just a six months ago I was regularly listening to and searching for podcasts on various topics. Just a month ago I was watching and seeking out video podcasts on a wide variety of subjects. Now I’m behind in every […]

Just back from the shop. I got a lot this week:Little Star #6 last issue in the miniseries.Strangers in Paradise #79 a regular.Red Sonja #4 I’ve been trying this one out and it’s okay so far.Walking Dead #25 a regular.Rex Mundi #16 a regular and a favorite.Planetarty #24 a regular but doesn’t come out regularly.Ex […]

I’m watching some playoff football right now. The Giants got beaten last week so I have no emotional investment in any of these games left but what they hey, I dig football. Of course, the mind wanders when watching some of these boring games and that has brought me to a thought about football and […]

A review of “Wimbledon Green: The Greatest Comic Book Collector in the World” by the cartoonist Seth. Published by Drawn and Quarterly The one name cartoonist, Seth, is one of my favorites. I always look forward to an issue of “Palookaville” whenever one shows up at my local comic shop. I’ll sing the praises of […]

“Advertising is legalized lying” -HG Wells. A truer statement has never been spoken. Those clever people on Madison Avenue are always whipping up ad campaigns to try to convince us that we should buy their products. They rarely let the truth get in the way either. Brand awareness and positioning are what matter. Not what […]

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