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An early afternoon trip to the comic shop this week. I bought three regulars: Usagi Yojimbo 92, Savage Dragon 124, The Walking Dead 27 and one new one: Red Prophet Tales of Alvin Maker. Red Prophet looks like some historical fiction so that is up my alley. I give a thumbs up to last weeks […]

One of the most annoying aspects of science fiction TV and movies is time travel. I’ve got no problem with time travel in general but when the stories get written often writers don’t bother to have it make sense. Usually there are two takes on time travel. “You can’t change the past” or “you can […]

Back to you with my report from the comic shop. This week I got Rex Mundi #17, Red Sonja #8 and another on sale trade paperback “Deep Sleeper” by Hester and Huddleston. It is published by Image and is categorized as horror. I’ll let you know how it is.

I was reading my Teen Titan’s Archive again and I came across another of my favorite comic book devises. The boxing glove arrow. It was in every comic book archer’s quiver for decades. Most people make fun of the boxing glove arrow because not only would it never fit in an archer’s quiver but aerodynamics […]

As I was painting the other day I had the TV on. I had my own little film noir festival: “The Maltese Falcon”, “Double Indemnity”, and “The Wrong Man”. As is my habit I mostly listened to them. After all I can’t paint and watch a movie at the same time. I have seen all […]

I took an early trip to the comic shop this week and I got three comics: Walking Dead #26, Conan #26 and Conan: Book of Thoth #1. It seems like every other book I’ve been buying lately has been Conan or Red Sonja. The Conan: BOT #1 is by Busiek, Wein and Kelley Jones so […]

I was reading my copy of The Teen Titans Archive #1 when I can across that lovely panel. Let me give you the story. The Titans want to get on the good side of a gang of teenage dropouts so they disguise themselves and befriend the gang so they can kick the asses of another […]

I’m just back from the comic shop again this week. Another slow week for me as I got no comic books at all. But my shop was having a 40% off sale on their trade paperbacks so I picked up a couple of $15 trades for $9. The first is “The Gray Area: All Of […]

I was an X-Files fan. But the X-Files was one of those shows that ended so badly that I forgot it used to be a good show. For the first time in a decade I am watching season one. It is entertaining me as I ride the boring stationary bike (a real bike ride is […]

Just back from the shop and this week I got: Strangers in Paradise #80, Local #4, Red Sonja #7, Jonah Hex #5, Ex Machina #18, and XIII #2. That last one is based on some old video game and looks like it was published in a different format originally. The first issue stared a guy […]