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The NFL draft is now a fixture on TV. ESPN has been presenting it for years now from start to finish as a two day event on the last weekend in April. Purely as a television event it ranks up there with the International Silly Putty Championship but I love it. The draft starts Saturday […]

Another week at the comic shop and I came away with only two comics. Usagi Yojimbo 93 and Savage Dragon 125. The Dragon is 64 pages so it is really like getting three comics. All for the price of 4.99. Now that’s a bargain. The new comic I bought last week, the Black Coat #1 […]

Time and how we measure it is a tricky thing. I often ask myself, “When did such and such happen?” and I almost always think, “A few years ago”. No matter how long ago the event actually was that is usually my first thought. At least for things from the last 10 years or so. […]

Another trip to the comic shop this week and I got four new comics. Conan #27, Red Sonja #9, Ex Machina Special #1, and The Black Coat #1. The first three are regulars and the fourth is something new to try. It looks like a spy/pirate/Zorro book that takes place during the American Revolution (1775). […]

Do you know what I am tired of? Genetic engineering. At least in fiction that is. I don’t have any exposure to real genetic engineering. At least I don’t think I do. Is it in all of our food yet? It’s the plot device of genetic engineering that I have had enough of. In the […]

A really slim week. I only bought one comic. Strangers in Paradise #81. It is one of my regular books but it is being ended at issue #90. I looked around the shop and found a TPB to buy because I couldn’t leave with just one comic. I bought “Ring of Roses” by Petrou, Watkiss […]

I just finished reading the Silver Age Teen Titans archive. The final story was moving along with the usual goofy abandon when this extra goofy part of the story happened. The Titans were chasing down the bad guys with the help of some local teens when part of the chase hit the water. Chases always […]

I thought that I had a topic earlier in the week to write about but now I have forgotten. I should have written it down. Imagine how much information was lost because someone didn’t write it down. It is no wonder that “Civilization” (yeah, I just hadda use quotes around that I’m feeling cynical) kicked […]

Another week and another batch of comics. Jonah Hex #6, Planetary #25, Ex Machina #19, and The Winter Men #4 are this week’s haul. The first three are regulars and The Winter Men is a mini from Wildstorm by Bret Lewis and John Paul Leon. It is a story about law enforcement starring a Russian […]

Do you know what my greatest fantasy is? To learn the secret of life. I know there really is no secret to life but I still want to learn it. I’m dedicated alright. I have to think the best place to learn the secret of life is in books. There are plenty of books that […]