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As I was working today I had on the TV as I often do. I was listening to a program on the Holy Grail. As “In Search Of” type shows go the Holy Grail is not one of the topics that I find very interesting. The cup from the last supper wasn’t even thought about […]

I only bought one regular comic this week: Strangers in Paradise 82. Only 8 issues left until the end of the series. I also picked up two first issues: Death Comes to Dillinger 1, which looks like a horror western and Wyrms 1, another Orson Scott Card novel adaptation which looks like a fantasy comic. […]

I may be a grown-up but I am no stranger to taking naps. Some days I’m just tired and need to lay myself down on the couch for a little while. I’ve taken many a nap on the bus ride into NYC both before and after a work day. A normal nap for me is […]

A pretty good week for me at the comic shop. I bought five comics, Jack Staff 10, Conan 28, Rex Mundi 18, Fear Agent 4, and Fell 5. The first three are regulars and I have read one other issue of Fear Agent. Fell is new to me but I have heard good things about […]

I still have not joined the Illuminati. Can you believe it? I’m beginning to despair that I ever will. These world dominating secret societies are a hard nut to crack especially if you don’t know where they hang out. It could be anywhere but according to some it is Bohemian Grove in California. At least […]

Just back from the comic shop and I bought four comics this week. Jonah Hex #7: This series has been a lot of fun with good art and some nice writing. They have all been one issue stories and that is fine with me because there has been more story than in six issues of […]

Why does life have to seem so long one day and so short the next? Can’t time get its act together? I’m tired of this “time is relative” crap. I need some consistency in my universe! If there are no rules at all people will start eating ice cream for breakfast. Madness will ensue.

For decades the comic book cover held a special place in our society. More of a place than even the comic books themselves I contend. To collectors of original comic book art they are always the most valuable pieces. They still generally are but I think the comic book cover has lost its grip on […]

Another slow week for me at the comic shop (I’m getting tired of writing that). I only got one of my regulars this week: Love and Rockets #16. In an attempt to find a new book to read I purchased two issues of “Strange Girl”. Numbers seven and eight and it is published by image. […]

Just a brief stop over for my Tom Waits lyric of the day. Sometimes a scrap of lyric gets stuck in my head and I just have to hear the song. This one is from his song “Time”.“Well things are pretty lousy for a calendar girlThe boys just dive right off the cars and splash […]