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This week I bought three comics. Usagi Yojimbo 94 and Savage Dragon 127 are both regulars and both center around excellent storytelling. Always recommended The third one I got was Brave New World 1 from DC. The only reason I bought this one was the price. “80 pages for $1” the cover proudly proclaims. I […]

Right now I can hear a mixture of the J.S. Bach I have playing and the rain falling outside. The music isn’t up very loud and that makes the sound of the rain very annoying. I’m not much of a classical music fan but for some reason I am drawn to Bach. Especially the Brandenburg […]

I’m just back from the comic shop with this week’s books. I bought the Black Coat 3, Red Sonja 11, Conan 29, Ex Machina 21, Girls 14, and Casanova 1. Six comics. That is the most I have bought in a single week in quite a while. The last issue of Girls that I got […]

I have always found that reading reviews is a hit or miss proposition. Especially reading reviews about creative endeavors. Reviews of products are generally more informative. No one is trying to be super witty when writing about a vacuum cleaner or ink jet printer. I was on a website and they just hired a writer […]

This week I got three comics. Ex-Machina Special 2 (of 2), Fear Agent 5, and Local 5. Not a big week but all the books are solid. I also picked up another cheap video game, the first Buffy game for XBox. It got good reviews when in came out in ’02 and was only $5.38 […]

I have a bunch of jumbled thoughts today. The first being about the TV show “The Sopranos”. Every time a season ends I hear people complain that the final show wasn’t that good because nothing happened. I point out that most of the “end of season” action happens in the second to last episode of […]

This week I bought four comics. Walking Dead 28 and Jonah Hex 8 are regulars. Jonah Hex has a new artist this month so I’ll have to see if the quality holds up. Plus I got the second issue (of four) of the Black Coat, a Revolutionary War story. Lastly I bought Zed 7. I […]

I bought a new video game this weekend. It was my favorite kind. Cheap. I decided a long time ago that almost no video game was worth fifty dollars. I used to be one of those who loved to play the latest and greatest video games but somewhere around the time of the first Tomb […]

This week I bought four of my regular comics and didn’t try any new ones. The four regulars are: Red Sonja 10, Savage Dragon 126, Age of Bronze 23 and Apocalypse Nerd 3. It has been so long since Peter Bagge’s Apocalypse Nerd 2 that I forgot the series existed. It is a good book […]