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Most of my problems with religion can be traced back to when I was a small child and no one would give me a clear answer about Noah’s ark. I went to church every week with my family but church isn’t set up so that you can get answers. The Catholic mass is all about […]

I went to the old comic shop today and got five comics. Four regulars: Autumn 5 which is the story of this weird little goth chick witch who lives in this strange small medieval town in the middle of the woods. It is an odd comic but I like it a lot. It is from […]

Sometimes I forget I have talent. I’m an artist. I paint, I draw, I take photographs, and I even shoot a little video. Plus I know my way around a computer and the image editing programs that come with the territory. Sometimes I forget that a lot of my friends have talent. I went to […]

A really slow week for me. I bought no comics. I could have picked up the new issue of Conan but I’m tired of them releasing trades cheaper that I pick up the issues for. So now I’ll just pick up the trades of Conan. I did pick up two magazines about comics: Back Issue […]

As far as I know origin stories are unique to comic books. There could be an argument that the gods and heros of old had origin stories but in the modern entertainment world comics, comic book derived movies, TV shows, and books are the main home of the origin story. Usually super-heros have special powers […]

Just one of my regulars was out this week: The Walking Dead 29. I also bought three first issues: The Escapists from Dark Horse , a dollar comic. I have been meaning to try an issue of the Escapist but they are always $5.95 per. A bit to pricey. A dollar is better. Scarlet Traces: […]

I just thought I’d do some quick reviews of things I’ve seen and read lately. Invincible Ultimate Collection 1: I just picked this up and it contains the first 13 issue of Invincible from Image comics. I had read a couple of these issues but no where near all of them so this is my […]

Slow, slow week at the comic shop. Only one of my regulars was out and that is Jonah Hex 9. I picked up a first issue from Wildstorm along with it: Battler Britton 1 by Garth Ennis and Colin Wilson. It looks like a historical WW2 story. I also picked up two 25ยข promo books: […]

If you read my last entry then you know what comic books I bought last week. You can see that I purchased Brave New World 1 from DC Comics. Like most comic book fans I started reading comics in my childhood which means that I grew up on super-hero stories. Colorful costumes, super powers and […]