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It has been a slow comic book August for me. I got just one of my regulars this week: Usagi Yojimbo 96. I also bought Captain Canuck: Legacy issue 1.

A lot of people are collectors. Whatever they are interested in is brought home, looked at, and organized. This organization is key to a collection. Without it you just have an accumulation of stuff. There are people who are accumulators rather than collectors and you can tell they difference because collections are neat and accumulations […]

Just two comics this week. Fear Agent 7 and Walking Dead 30. I also picked up Back Issue Magazine 16. I had skipped that issue due to my disinterest in the Marvel GI Joe cover article but there are plenty of other good articles in it and there was a place in my budget this […]

I was just reading the issue of Hogan’s Alley that I purchased a few weeks ago. In it is an article about sheet music and how comic characters were used to sell sheet music. This music was from way back in the 1850s or so through the 1930s. This got me thinking about music and […]

Another week another trip to the comic shop. This week only one of my regulars came out: Rex Mundi Volume 2 Number 1. Rex has moved publishers and now is with Dark Horse Comics so they’ve relaunched it with a new number 1 issue. I also picked up two new books to try: The Boys […]

I come from a Christmas list family. As children we always made up our Christmas lists when that time of year came around so that everyone in our family would know what we wanted and could more easily purchase things for us. And no one had to get default presents that kids hate like socks. […]

I just got back from the comic shop and I purchased three comics: The Escapists 2, The Black Coat 4, and Scarlet Traces: The Great Game 2. Two second issues and a fourth issue; all young stuff this week. Last week’s “Dusty Star 1” was almost good. I really liked the artwork and the script […]

I had to do it. I had to make some new “Virtual CD” playlists to enhance my enjoyment of music. I wrote back in February a piece “Lamenting the Death of the Mix Tape” that sang the praises of the lost magic of the mix tape. Now, I’m bringing it back into my sphere of […]

This week’s trip to the comic book store netted me: Jonah Hex 10, Ex Machina 22, Usagi Yojimbo 95, Battler Britton 2 and Dusty Star 1.