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It never ceases to amaze me how many bad movies are out there. Sure the law of averages rules the world and therefore not everything can be good but the volume of bad movies is incredible. I doubt people start out to make bad movies. I read a comic book series, one of the “Concrete” […]

Slooooowwww week at the comic shop for me. I got three comics tonight: Planetary 26 (though who can tell because it doesn’t have a logo) Jack the Lantern 1 True Story Swear to God Vol 2 Issue 1 Those last two I got because I couldn’t get just one comic. Jack the Lantern 1 is […]

It’s not easy being a kid. Do you know how I can tell? There is always a lot of crying in a kid’s world. Sure they are crying over kid stuff but it is as important to them as our grown-up stuff is to us. Maybe more so. We have the freedom to make our […]

I am once again reporting to you what comics I bought this week. I got four comics tonight: Rex Mundi 2. It has new numbering now that is has moved to Dark Horse. Savage Dragon 129 The Lone Ranger 2 Hellgate London 0. I have no idea what this is but it looked interesting. I’ll […]

Here is my second update on joining the Illuminati. I haven’t joined yet. Still no membership has been offered to me. No one has even admitted to me that they are in the Iluminati. I have an excellent, I tell you excellent, plan for world domination that is just going to waste. I’m beginning to […]

I an just back from the comic shop and I bought two comics: The Escapists 4 Scarlet Traces 4 But that wasn’t my only trip this week. In addition to my local shop I was down in NYC yesterday and picked up a few things at one of the city shops: Rough Stuff 2 – […]

I bought some new pencils today. A pack of twelve 4B drawing pencils. 4B is the designation for how soft the graphite in a pencil is. The scale goes from 9H which is nearly as hard as a rock and leaves a light grey line to 9B which is so soft that the graphite almost […]

I had a more fruitful trip to the comic shop this week than the last two. I bought five comics: Battler Britton 4 Jonah Hex 12 Fear Agent 8 The Winter Men 5 American Splendor 2 I really liked Following Cerebus 9. The interview with Neal Adams was interesting and presented well by Dave Sim. […]

I hate coming up empty. That’s when I’m trying to make some art and I got nothin’. I doesn’t help that I always got something. By that I mean I always have a box full of ideas and drawings to pull from but some days even that doesn’t matter. I think it is the general […]