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I only got one of my regulars this week: Savage Dragon 130 But since I couldn’t walk out of the shop with just one comic I pulled a few issues of Storm Watch: Team Achilles from the 50ยข sale bin. That was a series that I read on and off and don’t have every issue […]

Some things can take a long time. A lot longer than I think. Well, not really but sometimes there is a difference between thinking that something will take a long time and the time it takes to do said thing. If that didn’t make any sense to you don’t worry it’s just that sometimes words […]

It was a rare Wednesday night run to the comic shop this week and I got two comics and a book: The Walking Dead 32 Usagi Yojimbo 98 The Comics Journal Library: Harvey Kurtzman The Kurtzman book looks real nice. It’s softcover and measures in at a big 12×12 inches (slightly smaller than an old […]

Recently I’ve been taking some time to try to learn the web animation program called Flash. As with a lot of these big graphics programs it’s been slow going. The problem is that everything is so wide open that I’m having trouble focusing. That and I was never a fan of making animation. Minor detail. […]

Three comics are what I purchased on my trip to the shop this week. I got: Samurai: Heaven and Earth Vol 2 Issue 1. The first volume was good so I’m back for the second. Jack Staff 12 The Escapists 5 Storm Watch Post Human Division 1 from last week was alright. I’ll stick around […]

I have a serious need to amuse myself this evening. That’s because no one else will. Where is my court jester? Sure I’d have to put up with the whole “he’s the only one who can mock the king” bit but as long as that comes with some comical tumbling it would be worth it. […]

I bought just three comics on my trip to the shop this week. I got: Battler Britton 5 (of 5) Storm Watch Post Human Division 1 Joe Matt’s Peep Show 14 That is the first issue of Peep Show since 2004. And before that we got issue 12 in 2002, issue 11 in 2000 and […]

I am interrupting my regularly scheduled blog to bring you another piece on a movie. I had something else I wanted to write about but then I went and watched “The Departed”. It’s been getting rave reviews and for the first two thirds of the movie they are deserved. But the last third of the […]

A pretty good week for me at Ye Ole Local Comic Shoppe. I got six comics tonight: Strangers In Paradise 85 (only five issues left) American Splendor 3 Jonah Hex 13 Local 7 Ex Machina 24 (I still haven’t read 23. It’s in a small pile of comics I’ve yet to read. Apocalypse Nerd 4. […]