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Archive for December, 2006

Four of my regular comics were in this week. All of them are recomended. Usagi Yojimbo 99 Savage Dragon 131 Age of Bronze 24 Love and Rockets 18 I also picked up Atlas issue 3, a D&Q comic by Dylan Horrocks. It’s the first issue I’ve seen of it and I liked his previous work […]

Sometime about seven years ago I started doing most of my preliminary drawings, my “idea generating” drawings, in ink rather that in pencil. Prelim drawings are the sketches that aren’t meant to be seen by people. The stage where making the drawing pretty and presentable shouldn’t be a priority. But priorities can get mixed up. […]

Only one of my regulars was at the comic shop this week but I picked up two new comics to try. The Lone Ranger 3. (I’ve enjoyed the first two issues). Ramayan 3392 A.D. 4 (My first Virgin comic. Yes, the company that runs an airline is now making comics). Delphine 1 (13th book in […]

Yeah, I decided to make a list. For no reason other than “because it entered my mind”. I’ve never really been a list guy but what the hell people love lists. So I thought it would be fun. I’m just a people pleaser. First thing I have to say is that Rock ‘n Roll is […]

I hit the comic shop again this week and got three of my regulars and one other that might turn into a regular. The Escapists 6 (of 6) Fear Agent 9 Ex Machina 25 Storm Watch Post Human Division 2 I also picked up the magazine Alter Ego 63. I’ve never read an issue of […]

I get a lot of spam e-mail as do most people these days. It’s a fact of internet life and I try not to let it annoy me too much. Spam filters these days can take care of almost all of it but I still give a quick glance at my spam section before I […]

I’m just back from the comic shop for the week and I picked up four of my regular books. Winners all: The Walking Dead 33 Strangers in Paradise 86 (only 4 left) American Splendor 4 Jonah Hex 14 A buddy of mine just sent me a box of recent DC comics. I haven’t read many […]

I love the medium of comics. Just like other people love film, TV, music, photography, or whatever. And just like those other means of expression there are sometimes moments so absurd that they are highly entertaining. Some people are so entertained by bad movies that they call friends over to watch them and laugh all […]