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I’m a comic book fan. No secret there. As a comic book fan there is usually some cross over with being a comic strip fan. And vice versa. Of course a fan usually prefers one format over the other, as I prefer comic books, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have plenty of books on […]

Another week with only one new comic to buy: Samurai: Heaven and Earth Vol 2. Issue 2 (whew… that was long). Much like last week I also picked up a magazine about comics. Draw! issue 13. It’s about how to draw comics spotlighting certain artists. I picked up an early issue ages ago but I […]

I’m not a novice at throwing parties. I’ve put one on every summer so friends can gather and have a good time. I was involved in throwing some parties back in my college days too. A party was simpler back then. Beer and chips were all that was needed. And nobody really cared about the […]

Nada, nothing, zilch, zero, the schnide. None of my regular comics were out this week to my great disappointment. Still, I was happy that the clerk at my local shop pulled out for me (from the vast clearance bins) the three issues of StormWatch: Team Achilles that I needed. It’s a good shop. Along with […]

I finally did it. I finally loaded iTunes up with all of the album art to accompany my MP3s. It took quite a bit of my spare time this week but done is done. I never bothered with album art before because I just didn’t care. The art was decoration and not very good decoration […]

Only one of my regular comics was in this week. And a new one at that: StormWatch: Post Human Division 3 So then I dug around in the 50¢ bins (my local store is trying to clear out some stuff) and found a couple of things: Point Blank 1 – I have the rest of […]

Ahhhh — another blog about my love of words: I was listening to a show the other day and one person was making fun of another for not knowing how to type. That made me stop and think. Not only because I “don’t know how to type” but because “Do you know how to type?” […]

This week only two of my regular comics were at the shop. Jonah Hex 15 Fear Agent 10 I also pulled Stormwatch: Team Achilles 16 out of the 50¢ bin coming one issue closer to completing my collection of that recently defunct series. I didn’t have a chance to read or review any of the […]

Ideas can be ephemeral things. That’s why I write them down. Only sometimes I don’t. I had an idea this afternoon for something I wanted to write about. I was lazy and didn’t jot it down. Now I have no idea what it was. To be sure it was just a small thing. Nothing earth […]