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I’m as big a pro football fan as anyone. I’m in front of the TV every week for the Giants’ games and at least have the TV on for many other games. I may not actually sit and watch every NFL game but I have an interest. The games make good background noise if nothing […]

Back to my regularly scheduled comics day this week. I picked up three comics. Rex Mundi 4 Local 8 True Story Swear To God 3 Plus I got StormWatch Post Human Division 4 last week. One more thing I got this week is “Mighty Skullboy Army Vol. 1“. It’s the trade paperback edition from Dark […]

It’s the eternal question of those who have a collection of any kind. What kind of order do you put things in? That’s the difference between a collection and an accumulation. There’s order to a collection and you can find things. People who have accumulations don’t even know what they have or don’t have. Almost […]

So I haven’t hit the comic shop yet this week. I won’t make it there until Saturday but I thought I’d post my reviews of recent purchases anyway. Last week I got a comic called “Books with Pictures”. It was an autobiographical tale of a girl who works in a comic shop. The art and […]

No pro football until September! I’ll have to distract myself with video games. There is a new Yu-Gi-Oh! game out for the Nintendo DS (Spirit Caller). I might get it but I’m not sure. I have other Yu-Gi-Oh! games and the card battle genre is one that I enjoy. The genre started with Magic: The […]

Another week and another trip to the comic shop. I picked up four comics this week. Three of my regulars and one new one. The Lone Ranger 4 Astro City: The Dark Age Book Two Issue Two Jonah Hex 16 Books with Picture (there isn’t a number that I can find). This looks like a […]

Bad drivers. Who doesn’t hate bad drivers? I wonder if any of them actually know they are bad drivers? I’ve heard people accused of being bad drivers but I’ve rarely heard a person declare themselves a bad driver. Maybe it’s one of those things that people have to tell you over and over before you […]

Finally a week where some of my regular comics come out. I got four new ones this week: Usagi Jojimbo 100. It looks like a jam issue with a whole bunch of cartoonists paying tribute to Usagi. Ex Machina 26 Strangers in Paradise 87. It looks like someone messed up the computer file on the […]