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Only one of my regulars was in this week but I picked up a first issue too: Usagi Yojimbo 101 Guy Ritchie’s Game Keeper 1 I also grabbed the latest issue of Roy Thomas’ Alter Ego (a mag dedicated to Golden Age comics) which features artist Bob Powell. I don’t know much about Powell and […]

I’ve had this head cold/sinus thing going on for the past week and a half. Nothing terrible or life threatening but enough to make my days uncomfortable to miserable (on a sliding scale). It’s the kind of thing that wouldn’t keep someone from going into work but would slow you down. It doesn’t stop you […]

Slow week at Ye Olde Comic Shop. I only picked up one comic: Walking Dead 36 Since I couldn’t get just a single comic I also picked up the collected version of “Edgar Allan Poe’s Haunt of Horror”. It’s from Marvel’s Max line. I’ve been meaning to get it because I think Richard Corben has […]

A few short things for you today. After last week’s waxing poetic about springtime we got a seven or so inches of the heaviest snow and ice mixture I’ve ever seen (or shoveled!). This puts off my getting onto the road bike for a week or so. Now I really want spring to get here. […]

Despite being slowed by some sinus stuffiness I managed to make it over to my local comic shop and pick up three new comics: Lone Ranger 5 StormWatch Post Human Division 5 Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Eight 1 Plus I picked up the latest issue of Back Issue. This one takes a look at […]

I’m tired of the winter and I’m ready for the spring. So it’s time to wax a little poetic. I’m not a winter hater; after all it’s the only time I get to wear my long coats. I dig a good long coat. They’re so much cooler than short coats. But every year come the […]

I’m back from the comic shop with only two new comics. Age of Bronze 25 Strangers in Paradise 88 (only two issues left!) I’m ambivalent about City of Others 1 that I picked up last week. About half of it was good and about half of it was mediocre. It started slowly and the artwork […]

Recently I was watching a documentary on HBO called “Thin”. It’s about four women who are at a clinic for eating disorders. All the women are too thin. Hence the title of the film. I know all about how “the media” gives young girls visions of unrealistic body types i.e. almost everyone on TV and […]

A good week for buying comics this week I got six new ones. Jack Staff 13 Samurai Heaven and Earth Vol 2 No 3 Fear Agent 11 Walking Dead 35 True Story Swear To God 4 which will now be a regular. I’ll put it on my pull list. City of Others 1 That last […]