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You never think it will happen to you and yours. You never think your friends will get old so fast. Not in an actual physical age kind of way, that is inevitable (but still surprising), but in a refusing to accept or understand anything new kind of way. At least when it comes to gadgets […]

Another week another three new comics. All regulars: Rex Mundi (Vol 2) 5 Usagi Yojimbo 102 The Walking Dead 37 In addition to those my local comic shop was having a sale on some old graphic novels. I picked up: The Shadow: Hitler’s Astrologer (1988) Sabre (1988 edition) Moebius 1 (1987) I also picked up […]

I was listening to a Doris Day CD the other day. It was one I hadn’t heard before. I’ve listened to plenty of her music and she’s a favorite of mine. She may be yesterday’s style but she had a great voice and knew how to use it. Plus yesterday’s style is fine with me. […]

This weeks trip netted me three new comics: Love and Rockets Vol 2 – 19 Ex Machina – 27 All Star Superman – 7 Those first two are regulars but I picked up that issue of Superman because my buddy Randy recommended it. Grant Morrison written series usually get worse as the issue numbers get […]

One of the many ongoing projects that I have is a set of fortune telling cards. I have a fascination with fortune telling or, more accurately, fortune telling systems. I certainly don’t believe anyone can predict the future besides in a “tomorrow it will be partly cloudy with showers towards evening” kind of way but […]

Just two new comics this week: StormWatch Post Human Division – 6 Optic Nerve – 11 The last issue of Optic Nerve to come out (10) was way back in 2005. It’s always a pleasant surprise when I see a new one in the shop. Format really does make a difference. I bought Frank Miller’s […]

Sometimes I like to bid on things at Ebay that I don’t really want to win. Scratch that. Don’t really want to pay for is more like it. I’m no welsher. I’ve paid for every auction I’ve ever won but sometimes I know I’m not going to win. My bid is way too low and […]

Another week where only one of my regulars was in and a new regular at that: Buffy Season Eight – 2 Along with that I finally bought the collected version of Frank Miller’s 300. I’ve been meaning to get it for a while but it was never a priority. Slow week and a little cash […]

One of the things I do is make art prints. Not in a traditional lithographic drawing on a piece of stone way but in a modern computer graphic way. I draw some stuff, scan it in, arrange, and color it on the computer. I much prefer to draw on paper rather than a computer but […]