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Only one regular comic for me this week: Usagi Yojimbo – 103. Always reliable. Always good. Plus I picked up a hardcover collected edition: Conan: “Hall of the Dead and Other Stories” Conan is one of those books that I’ve decided to pick up collected instead of issue by issue. It reprints seven issues of […]

I mentioned my set of fortune telling cards a few blogs back. Well I finally made a full color prototype deck of them. I have one thing to say after that experience: Holy cow is it a pain in the ass. Forty eight individual hand crafted cards. I’m not even counting all the work that […]

Man what a slow week at the local comic shop. I got no new comics. None of my regulars were in and there was nothing new that I was interested in. I did pick up the latest issue (22) of “Back Issue” magazine to tide me over. It’s a mag all about comics of the […]

Todays blog is not about rampant consumerism but about unrampant consumerism. It’s about things that have been on my “to buy” list for years but never get bought. None of the items on it are important enough to rise to the top of my “to buy” list and new things are always added to the […]

Once again I’m back from the comic shop with two new comics: Ex Machina – 28 Local – 9 Plus I bought the new vinyl figure of “Skullboy” (of the Mighty Skullboy Army). It’s produced by Dark Horse Comics based on a character by my friend Jacob Chabot. It’s really cool and and a bit […]

Man, making a painting is a lot of work. To further clarify: making a large oil painting is a lot of work. I do a lot of things. Drawing, paintings large and small, photos, and prints. Each takes its own amount of work but it’s the large oil (30×40 inches on up) that easily soaks […]

I’m back from an afternoon trip to the comic shop. I picked up two of my regulars and a collected edition: StormWatch Post Human Division – 7 Samurai Heaven and Earth Vol 2 – No 4 Criminal Vol 1 “Coward”. This collects the first five issues of the Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips series. I […]

I just stocked up on some art supplies last week. Paper, pens, paint, and brushes came through my door on Thursday. One of the things I purchased was a new technical pen. For those who don’t know what that is it’s a pen that was created to make technical drawings. It makes a single width […]

This week I picked up five new comics and one old graphic novel: Strangers in Paradise 89 (Only one more issue before the series ends!) Buffy Season Eight – 3 (A good series so far.) City of Others – 2 (I’ll give Wrightson another look.) Supernatural Origins – 1 (A tie in to the TV […]