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Back from a trip to the local comic shop. I picked up one comics and two trades: Walking Dead- 38 Unlike some of my friends I am not getting bored with this comic. Sometimes when a book is consistent people get bored with it. I think people like when a book goes from good to […]

I had on some program about the Shroud of Turin today. I watch a lot of such documentaries because they amuse me. I like real documentaries too but the ones about supernatural phenomenon can be especially entertaining. They tend to be comedies in my mind. I can understand why people hate such documentaries because they’re […]

Another Wednesday night trip to the comic shop this week. I picked up two comics and a trade: Ex machine – 29 Rex Mundi Vol 2 – 6 Phonogram “Rue Britannia” TPB The trade is from Image comics and I don’t really know what it is about. It’s in black and white and from what […]

I don’t like being “too busy”. I like time to think. I usually have it because time to think important to me so I make time. I’m an odd bird. Of course I can see how most people don’t have time to think. Work, kids, family obligations, and general chores take up a lot of […]

On this week’s trip to the comic shop I picked up two comics: StormWatch Post Human Division – 8 Strangers in Paradise – 90 (The last issue of the series!) Plus hardcover madness continues with: Scarlet Traces: The Great Game I bought Scarlet Traces: The Great Game as a mini-series last year and liked it […]

Some days I wish I had something to say. But I don’t. Those are the days when flipping around the TV channels actually seems interesting. A few web sites are really slow tonight. What the hell is that all about? It’s not like every site is slow just some of my regulars. The world’s a […]

A little bit better week at the comic shop I picked up three comics: The Lone Ranger 6 – A nice western. Buffy Season Eight 4- Let’s see how the first story wraps up Supernatural Origins 2 – I liked the first issue. Plus I picked up a hardcover. Exit Wounds” by Rutu Modan It’s […]

“What’s the point?” That is the question I’ve been asking myself lately. Not about life in general (though I do ask that question about life in general, after all, I tend to be a bit philosophical) but about making comics for the world wide web. I love comics plus I’m an artist and a writer […]