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Whew. I finally got started again today. I began work on four small 8×10 inch acrylic paintings. I always work on four at a time so I can move on to another as the paint dries on the freshest one. That way I keep limber and keep moving. I like working on multiple things. It […]

I’m back from this week’s trip to the comic shop. I picked up five new comics and for the first time in weeks I got no TPBs or hardcover collections. Love and Rockets 20 Buffy Season Eight 5 Usagi Yojimbo 104 The Walking Dead 39 Grendel Behold The Devil 0 (a 50ยข special) A pretty […]

Oh, let me tell you a story. A story about sitting in Bryant Park in the rain. Actually there is no story. I just like, “Oh, let me tell you a story” as an opening line. I need to amuse myself sometimes. Anyway, I was sitting in Bryant Park in the rain on Wednesday morning […]

Back from this weeks trip to the comic shop and I got one new comic and a trade paperback. The Comic – Samurai Heaven and Earth Vol 2 – No 4 The TPB – Michael Morcock’s Elric “The Masking of a Sorcerer” I’ll let you know how the Elric book is next week. Meanwhile here […]

Man, I’ve got to clean up and put things in order again. It’s never ending this entropy thing. There are always things to clean up or fix. The world is a messy place. Got to apply energy to the system. One of my bookshelves looks like something happened to it and the shelves are slightly […]

On this week’s trip to the comic shop I picked up one comic and one hardcover: StormWatch Post Human Division – 9 Jack Kirby’s “Silver Star” There are a whole lot of nice hardcover collections around these days. I dig ’em more than trade paperbacks and am willing to pay the few extra dollars. I’ve […]

“The days are just thick with anticipation.” Or at least I wish they were because then I might be living in the pages of some exciting novel. That sounds like fun right about now as I sit here on a hot July afternoon not doing much of anything. I don’t think I’ve ever had days […]

Just back from the local comic shop for the week and I picked up two new comics. Supernatural Origins 3 City of Others 3 Plus I picked up a hardcover. “Silverfish” by David Lapham. I’m a fan of his “Stray Bullets” and “Murder Me Dead” so I grabbed this new one. I’ll let you know […]

Ahhh… what to do next… what to do next. I’ve been busy lately. I’ve had a few freelance gigs going on and I’ve also been working on some drawing of my own. I’ve just finished seventeen drawings in ink of strange faces made up of various shapes, curves and lines. Each takes about four hours […]