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I’m back from the comic shop this week and I got seven new comics plus two hard cover collections: Mind the Gap – 2 Fatale – 6 Batman Incorporated – 2 Savage Dragon – 180 Supreme – 65 Reset – 3 The Manhattan Projects – 4 ”Ed the Happy Clown” by Chester Brown ”Daredevil – […]

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I haven’t made it down to Bryant Park yet this year. The odd thing is that I don’t know why I haven’t made it down. I just can’t seem to get myself to go. The last couple of years I’ve gone to the park about once a month from May to October. I sit and […]

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I’m back from the comic shop this week and I got five new comics plus a hard cover collection: Dancer – 2 The Walking Dead – 99 Saga – 4 Ragemoor – 4 Dark Horse Presents – 13 ”The Invincible Iron Man Volume 9 – Demon” And now for a review of something I’ve read […]