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It’s the end of another summer. Do you know what the first sign of that was for me? I went out for my morning bike ride as usual and I was cold. It wasn’t freezing or anything but I was in my usual shorts and T-Shirt for my ride and it was only about 60ºF […]

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I’m back from the comic shop this week and I got six new comics plus a hard cover collection: Rachel Rising – 11 Mind the Gap – 5 MIND MGMT – 5 Dancer – 5 Debris – 3 Batman Incorporated – 0 Alien” The Original Art Edition And now for a review of something I’ve […]

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The summer TV season is over so I thought I write a wrap up of some TV shows that I watched these last few months. It’s mostly new new stuff but a few old things are thrown in too. Some I’ve watched before and some that are new to me. Here we go. “Perception” – […]