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The second media that I learned to paint in, after oils, was gouache. Gouache is a watercolor paint that has white added to it so, instead of being transparent like regular watercolor, gouache is opaque. It can also be watered down so you have the choice between transparent and opaque. I had never even heard […]

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Being that I was sick last week it was a big week for me this week at the comic shop as I got fifteen comics: East of West – 1 (of 4) X-O Manowar – 11 Witch Doctor: Mal Practice – 5 (of 6) Storm Dogs – 4 Saga −11 Revival – 8 Rachel Rising […]

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This week color makes an appearance. Way back in the olden days of the late 1980s and the early 1990s I, and many others, used to make color sketches with watercolors or markers. Markers could be easier but they also could be more expensive. The point of a color sketch is to figure out exactly […]