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Fall cleanup is no fun. You know the deal: raking leaves. On a pleasant day it’s okay though. So far during this fall pleasant days have not been around on leaf cleanup days. Instead it’s been unseasonably cold and windy. Not the ideal weather for doing yard work. This year I added a new tool […]

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I’m back from the comic shop this week and I got eleven new comics. The Massive – 29 Mind MGMT – 28 Wayward – 4 Rasputin – 2 Trees – 7 Manhattan Projects -25 Butterfly – 3 Lazarus – 13 Usagi Yojimbo: Senso – 4 of 6 ODY-C – 1 Catwoman – 36 (Bought it […]

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Sometimes things take a while. A long while. Let your mind drift back in time to the year 1999. That’s when I first started this project. Fifteen years ago. Or at least I think so. That’s the creation date I have on some scans but sometimes those dates get mixed up. I’m pretty sure this […]