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Four Talking Boxes 1847

Four Talking Boxes 1846

One of the big phenomenons in comic books of the last decade or so is the rise of the variant cover. For a very long time comic books came with just one cover. Then in the late 1980s someone got the bright idea to print the same comic with a few different covers. That way […]

Drifting And Dreaming 357

I’m back from the comic shop this week and I got six new comics. Dept. H – 10 Hillbilly – 5 No Mercy – 13 Revival – 46 Saga – 42 Skybourne – 3 Wayward – 20 Check them all out here:

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Four Talking Boxes 1845

Four Talking Boxes 1844

Four Talking Boxes 1843

Four Talking Boxes 1842