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I like ink. Black India ink mostly. Historically the ink is actually from China but ages ago the English imported it through India so it’s come down to us as India ink. It’s the ink that’s been used by cartoonists and comic book artists since the beginning of the medium. Drawings are made in pencil […]

Drifting And Dreaming 406

I’m back from the comic shop this week and I got four new comics. Usagi Yojimbo – 165 Outcast – 32 Savage Dragon – 230 The Beauty – 18 Check them all out here:

Message Tee 0314

Four Talking Boxes 2085

Four Talking Boxes 2084

Four Talking Boxes 2083

Four Talking Boxes 2082

Four Talking Boxes 2081

I had to take a trip to Brooklyn this week for a meeting. I haven’t been to Brooklyn in a while. I used to be there all the time but not these days. It’s always a bit of a pain traveling into NYC. Traveling around NYC isn’t too hard, they’ve got subways, busses, taxis, and […]