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Drifting And Dreaming 405

I’m back from the comic shop this week and I got three new comics. Copperhead – 17 Invincible – 143 Empowered and Sistah Spooky’s High School Hell – 1 (of 6) Check them all out here:

Message Tee 0313

Four Talking Boxes 2080

Four Talking Boxes 2079

Four Talking Boxes 2078

Four Talking Boxes 2077

Four Talking Boxes 2076

I’m writing this moments after I’ve finished drawing my faux comic book cover “Dreams of Things” #50. I don’t think I’ve ever written about a piece this close to finishing it. I want to try it out while everything is still fresh in my mind. Or at least the coloring is. That is the part […]

Drifting And Dreaming 403