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Four Talking Boxes 2182

Four Talking Boxes 2181

As an artist I’m not particularly skilled at likenesses. What’s a likeness you ask? That’s when an artist draws a specific person so it looks like that person. If someone draws a picture of John Wayne it is immediately recognizable as John Wayne. That’s a skill that artists posses in varying degrees. Some have a […]

Drifting And Dreaming 425

I’m back from the comic shop this week and I got six new comics. Highest House – 4 Maestros – 6 Monstress – 16 Outcast – 35 Southern Bastards – 20 Love and Aardvarks – 1 Check them all out here:

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Four Talking Boxes 2180

Four Talking Boxes 2179

Four Talking Boxes 2178

Four Talking Boxes 2177