Another slow week for me at the comic shop. I only bought one comic: Jonah Hex #4. I also picked up Back Issue magazine #7. That came out in Dec 2004 before bought it regularly. I, once again, recommend Back Issue magazine.

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    Jonah Hex #4
    Quickly becoming one of the best comics out there. The art and writing is excellent and I’ve even gotten past the obvious use of Clint Eastwood photo reference. I’d love to see an extended story arc.

    Marvel Zombies #3
    In this issue, Hulk bites off the Silver Surfers head, Black Panther – half consumed himself but still alive – has an argument with Wasp’s head over human anatomy, Spiderman pulls his own leg off and Iron Man gets blown in half but doesn’t seem to mind. I love this book. They don’t get much dumber than this.

    Bomb Queen #1
    I admit, I bought this simply because Bomb Queen has a costume that leaves virtually nothing to the imagination. Her G-string is practically non-existent, and her pants have almost no crotch, meeting somewhere around her taint. I’ve always had a facination for the work of one-handed artists and this clearly qualifys. On the negative side, all the word balloons are in some annoying “shouting” typeface, they cheap out on some gratuitous nudity opportunities by placing word balloons over nipples, and all the characters are (so far) one dimensional. On the good side, the storyline is fairly interesting, and the art is good. I’ll give Issue 2 a chance, but this book is definitely on a buy-til-I’m-bored basis, which can happen awful quick.

    Neverwhere #6
    I like this book. The art is excellent and the writing is lively. Check it out, even if you don’t like oddball fantasy. So there.

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