I just got back from the shop and I got four new comics. Two regulars: Usagi Yojimbo #91, The Savage Dragon #123 and two first issues. I got issue #1 of the relaunch of the Warlord from DC. Bruce Jones is writing it which is good and Bart Sears is drawing it which isn’t as good. But I’ll give it a try. I also got The Portent #1 from Image. It’s by a writer/artist who I have never heard of but it looks good so another gets a try this week.

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  1. Anonymous

    Warlord #1
    Jared, I think you said it best. It’s the first issue and they haven’t even gotten thru his basic origin. I was a fan of the Mike Grell original so I gave it a shot. The original, it should be noted, fell real hard once Grell left and they replaced him with Joe-Artist/writer-du-jour. Man, that was rough. It was like JLA in the early 80’s after the steady and reliable Dick Dillon died. They replaced him with with the awsome George Perez. I was ecstatic! Unfortunately, Perez was only on for 2 issues. Then they replaced him temporarily with George Tuska. Ouch. No offense to ol’ Tuska, but that was rough.

    Legion of Super Heroes #15
    This is a good superhero book. I like good superhero books. So there.

    Lucifer #whatever
    I’m almost done with this book. The previous issue was the conclusion to some endless multi-multi-part story. I lost interest halfway through and never finished. I assume Lucifer won since he’s back for this issue. Yay. Either way, this new story seems to be an improvement over last, so I’ll keep buying it for a while…but they are on notice.

    Astonishing X-Men #13
    It only took 6 months for this to come out!! This is one of the best superhero comix out there. Worth checking out, despite the infrequent schedule.

    Batman Year 100 #1
    I sort of like the funky art. The story seems to be taking forever to get going, though. NOTHING of note has happened after one issue. Run for the hills, kids! I see boredom on the horizon. Alas, this ain’t no Dark Knight Returns. Or even Year 1… If anyone else buys this, let me know if you agree, or think I’m some unhip crank.

  2. Anonymous

    Comics suck!! The MY Comicon was a disaster! The fuckers at Wizard have destroyed my love for comics. Fuck them! Cocksuckers! Shitheads! Cumbuckets! Scumbags! Assholes! Grrrrr!

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