A big haul from the comic shop for me this week. I bought nine comics. That is the most in a single week in months. I got five of my regular books: Jonah Hex 11, Savage Dragon 128 , Jack Staff 11, Local 6, and Battler Britton 3.

In addition I picked up four new comic series: The Cross Bronx 1 from Image which looks like a cop book, American Splendor 1 gets a new launch from Vertigo Comics, The Lone Ranger 1 from Dynamite Entertainment, and just because I was feeling nostalgic for a Jim Starlin “cosmic” story I picked up Mystery in Space with Captain Comet (who?) number one.

There it is folks a lot of comics to read. And football season kicks off tonight.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey man, Captain Comet was a great grade Z hero from DC’s Silver age. I think I read about him in DC Comics Presents way back when. Either way, no one does cosmic fun like Starlin so I, too, picked it up. So far, it seems promising, so I’ll stick with it.

    Cross Bronx, while I appreciate the effort, is the Crow with tits. I’ll skip Issue 2.

    Lone Ranger: I skipped to the back, saw no sign of a mask and promptly put back on the shelf. I could tell it would be annoying.

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