Spring has arrived even if it did come with some snow this April. So now I’ll take some time to look back at some of the TV shows I’ve watched this winter. There seem to be a lot of them (thirty one!) but that’s because almost everything has a six to twelve episode season. That means every show is the equivalent of two or three old shows that had full 24 episode seasons. I usually watch about two hours a TV a day. From 9 PM until I go to bead at around 11 PM.

Mindhunter – A ten episode Netflix show in its first season. It’s a historical piece set in the late 1970s about the first FBI agents to systematically interview serial killers in order to figure out how their minds work to help them catch other serial killers. It’s not quite a police procedural. It’s more like a show about the police figuring out their procedure. It’s good. I haven’t finished it yet.

Love – A half hour Netflix comedy that I just discovered in its third, and last, ten episode season. It stars Gillian Jacobs from the show “Community” which is why it caught my eye. It’s a romantic comedy about the process of our two main characters falling in love. It tends to be a bit raunchy too so if that’s not your thing then you might not like it. It’s been my workout show this winter. I either ride the stationary bike or do my dumb bell exercises to it. Haven’t quite finished this one either.

Santa Clarita Diet – Another ten episode Netflix show that I discovered just before its second season launched. It’s a comedy starring Tim Olyphant and Drew Barrymore as a married couple but then Barrymore gets turned into a zombie. Not a mindless zombie but she does have to eat people ignorer to survive. Hijinks ensue. I just started season two.

Agents of SHIELD – It’s season five of this show already? Hard to believe. I may not be a fan of the Marvel movies but I’ve enjoyed this show. It’s changed it’s basic premise a few times and this season they even got thrown into a dystopian future for a while. I find it fun

Runaways – Another Marvel show. I’s about a bunch of teenagers who find out their parents are super-villains. I read the comic this is based on back in the early 2000s and this is a loose adaptation. They didn’t even run away all season. It was okay but really more of a teen show.

The Gifted – A third Marvel TV show. It’s based, sort of, on the X-Men. Once again it was just okay in my book. This was as much a family drama as a super hero show. It reminded me of an 80s family show with super powers. Eight is Enough with mutants.

A.P. Bio – A new show starring Glenn Howerton from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” who is forced into a new job as a high school teacher. Much like his Sunny character his character here is not likable. So far it’s okay but not spectacular.

Alone Together – A ten episode comedy about a twenty-something man and a twenty-something woman who are platonic friends just trying to get through life except they are losers and things don’t go their way. It’s kind of a weird gentle comedy. Chris Delia shows up in some episodes and he’s the funniest thing on the show. It has potential but it’s not there yet.

The Mick – Another “Sunny” alumni, Kaitlin Olson, stars in the second season comedy about a streetwise woman who has to take care of her blue-blood niece and nephews. It’s a raunchy comedy that twists the “Family comedy” concept around and looks at it through a distorted looking glass. Funny stuff.

LA to Vegas – A first season comedy about the people who take the weekend flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and the crew that serves them. ‘Y’know, “Cheers” on a plane. So far it’s okay.

The Simpsons – I still watch this show every week. The “Banacek” episode was my favorite.

The Last Man on Earth – The fourth season for this end of the world comedy. Zany humor that still works for me.

Timeless – Brought back for a second season this time travel adventure show is kinda fun. It’s not afraid to change the past and therefor the show’s present which is rare for a time travel show. I dig it.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Season five of this Andy Samberg comedy that was, at first, compared to “Barney Miller.” It’s still quick-witted and fun. The cast and writing are crisp and can all move fast. I like it.

iZombie – This is another TV show based on a comic book. One from Vertigo/DC Comics. It’s in its fourth season and doesn’t follow the comic very closely. At first it was a police procedural and now that’s mixed up with living in a post-zombie city. I think this one might be growing a little bit stale. We’ll see.

Scorpion – A goofy show about a team of geniuses who take on really hard tasks and solve crime. I’m not telling you it’s a great show but it’s amusing. Yeah, I surf the web a bit when this one in on.

The Blacklist – Season five for this FBI special task force procedural. I guess it fits into the “Quirky Detective” genre that I like so much with the quirky detective being a criminal who is helping the FBI. I wasn’t into season one of this show but starting in season two I’ve been enjoying it.

Man with a Plan – A middle-of-the-road sit-com starring Matt LeBlanc. I like him in it (I’m a “Friends” fan) plus Kevin Nealon is good too. Nothing special but likable and pretty well crafted.

Superior Donuts – I wish this one was funnier. It’s on the bottom of the pile for me but I like the cast. It’s not the wittiest of shows but it has its moments. I do some web surfing during this one too.

Lethal Weapon – A fun action police show in its second season. This one surprised me since I had no expectations for it. The two leads, Daymon Wayans and Clayne Crawford, are good in it. It has a nice action movie vibe to it.

The Brave – A first season show about an elite team of soldiers who are sent to hot spots around the globate perform missions. I’d call this one an exciting action show.

Seal Team – Another first season show about an elite team of soldiers who are sent to hot spots around the globate perform missions. I’d even get the plots of this and “The Brave” mixed up from week to week. But I also enjoy this one.

Superstore – A third season sit-com about a bunch of people who work in a big box store. This show has always surprised me. It takes the mundane and makes it a bit witty. It’s two lead characters are fast talking and have good timing. All in all it’s a pretty solid sitcom.

The Good Place – It was Kristen Bell and Ted Danson who originally got me interested in this show. After two twelve episode seasons it’s still a funny show. It takes place in the afterlife but is it heaven or is it hell? And does Kristen Bell even belong there? The show plays with these premises in funny and creative ways. Good stuff.

The Big Bang Theory – Same as it ever was. You either like it or you don’t. I enjoy it. But I’ve always done a little bit of web surfing during this show.

Supernatural – It’s season thirteen for this show and I’m still watching and enjoying it. What more can I say?

Portlandia – This is the eighth and final ten episode season for this skit-based comedy about the crazy characters who live in Portland Washington. Sometimes it’s laugh out loud funny but most of the time it’s amusing. A fun bit of goofiness.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – A zany hour long musical comedy. Not a show I ever expected to like but the lead in it, Rachel Bloom, is so good that it won me over. That and its crazy sense of humor.

Comic Book Men – The show that most of my comic book friends have no interest in. But I like it. It may not be the wittiest show ever but I find it to be a bit of gentle fun.

The Middle – The last season of this long running comedy. It’s as good as ever.

Modern Family – Another long running comedy but this one is continuing for at least another season. They keep it fresh and I still like it.